Where I Spent My Summer Staycation

For many different reasons, being overwhelmed by household chores, or feeling the effect of a slow economy, people are electing to take their vacations and stay home this summer. This has become such a typical vacation choice that it has earned it’s own name: Staycation.   Like the word “blogosphere” it is a term that defines our times.

Personally, I find that a summer Staycation can be very satisfying.  In addition to being able to tackle my ever-growing (mostly self-imposed) “To Do List”, it gives me a chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  As a landscape architect I spend so much time creating environments for others to enjoy but rarely have a chance to enjoy them myself.   Over the years, my wife and I have created a beautiful environment around our home to share with friends and neighbors.  Starting with the last frost, usually around Mother’s Day, we put so much time and energy into breathing life back into our environment, that it seems a shame to abandon it for distant destinations that someone else has created.  Don’t get me wrong, we definitely like to take advantage of travel and exploration, but I am really enjoying a quiet summer in my own backyard;  sitting back, cold adult beverage in hand, and taking in all our 6250 square feet has to offer.  Enjoy a few snapshots of our little haven…

[nggallery id=78]


  1. Looks great! Do you take bookings! (Joking…)

    You have a talent, indeed. Thanks for sharing. 8)

  2. OK, I’ll bring the beverages, you make the pesto. I’ve always been fond of visiting gardens I can eat.

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