What Color Is Elephant’s Breath?

Take yourself back to ancient history where people first started using color. Color began from a form that would not survive more than a few hours. Why do you ask? Because the first hint of color came from people dipping their fingers into wet clay to make marks on their faces. The oldest reliable evidence is the burial of the dead with red ochre applied to the body.

DCF 1.0
Red Ochre

It is strange to think of color in this way and amazing to see how far we have come since then.

Colors started off so simple because resources were very scarce. Color was simply applied wet and allowed to dry. As paint and color developed it switched from burnt wood from the fire and yellowish and reddish clays to a much more versatile and durable substance. People began experimenting by adding animal fats, honey or egg to make colors more resilient and long-lasting.

Not only have colors come a long way, but the names of colors definitely changed from the simple colors of the rainbows to the cool grey now known as Elephant’s Breath.

How does the name Dead Salmon sound when you are getting ready to repaint your kitchen?

Or what about Yellowcake for the guest room?


yellowcake color

I’ll leave you with one two simple questions. How many colors are there in the world and how many different names do we have for these colors?

I believe the answer is infinity!

If you want to learn more about the history of color, check out this link!


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