URBN Hotel in Shanghai: Sustainability within Architecture

A00 architecture designed a unique boutique hotel in Shanghai called URBN Hotel that is on the leading edge with their sustainable design philosophy. URBN Hotel in Shanghai is the first of many sustainable hotels that A00 is looking at designing in China. The hotel is the first carbon-neutral hotel in China where the footprint of their operations and all their guests is completely offset. Not only is it a unique experience just staying there but you know by staying there you have made no impact on the land!

This hotel is a sustainable development project that was developed from a renovated factory warehouse in the French concession of Shanghai. The interiors are made with 100% local materials, such as stone and slate tiles and recycled wood from old houses, and reclaimed bricks. Walls stacked with reclaimed vintage leather suitcases from the 1930’s in Shanghai forms the wall behind the reception. They even offer guests the option of offsetting the carbon-footprint of their flight by buying a tree in their URBN forest in inner Mongolia, China.

URBN is a hotel with high environmental ambitions, utilizing eco-friendly elements such as solar shades and water-based A/C, and allowing patrons to buy carbon credits. This former warehouse has been creatively renovated with reclaimed materials. The 26 Zen-like rooms, each adorned with a single orchid, come with a huge bed and a sunken living area whose large windows overlook the hotel’s bamboo grove and the weathered rooftops of an old lane. Rooftop gardens are prevalent throughout the upper floors and balconies. A bank of glass doors opens onto a courtyard that holds the lively restaurant, Roomtwentyeight. The effect of all this is rather like being in a familiar and beloved art museum café.

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  1. I’m looking forward to staying there, it looks beautiful, comfortable and fun.

  2. I really like the rich textures formed from the creative use of materials. It seems like a lot of eco friendly products like wall coverings are really expensive, but their solutions are attractive, unique & educational.

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