Just 60 short kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, in the small village of Harads, Sweden, you will encounter a very strange and wonderful establishment:  The Treehotel.

The Treehotel consists of 24 separate, distinct structures (designed by different architects) that look more like modern sculptures than hotel rooms.  Each room is tucked within the existing boreal forest that surrounds the Brittas Guesthouse (which provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and other amenities to guests).    For now, 6 rooms have been completed:  The Blue Cone, The Tree Sauna, The Bird’s Nest, Cabin Room, The Mirrorcube, and The UFO.  To see more images, go to the Treehotel.

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Each of the rooms is located between 12 and 24 feet from the ground and is accessed by a variety of ladders, retractable staircases, and ramps.  They are made of wood and glass and feature electric floor heating systems, state-of-the-art eco-friendly incineration toilets and water-efficient sinks.

Inspiration for the hotel came from the film “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen (a documentary, filmed in Harads, about 3 urban dwellers who seek their roots by building a treehouse together).  Britta Jonsson Lindvall and Kent Lindvall, owners of Brittas Guesthouse started renting out the treehouse from the documentary…and the project grew from there.  Read about the philosophy of the project HERE.


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  1. Sweden is a very easy country to travel in with some of the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. Other than a long drive from anywhere, there’s no reason not to visit this ‘hotel’ in person. I’ll add it to my bucket list. This looks like camping with clean sheets. What a great way to experience the arctic circle, can you imagine the northern lights from one of these perches.

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