Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again. The nights come sooner and the days are too short. The autumn frost covers the vehicles that sit outside every morning. The storefronts have their doors closed now to try to trap the warmth inside as the outdoor air temperature lowers. All of the annual signs of the winter and holiday season are here; including one of my favorite features of Downtown Durango—window painting.

The window paintings that adorn all the storefronts are not strictly a fall-winter seasonal tradition, but this is the time of year I notice them most. I suppose it’s because the colors seem brighter when all the leaves are gone and the annuals in the street planters have withered away. In any case, I believe that the temporary window art pieces are beautiful, fun, and whimsical. Each business features a different icon of the season. Corn stalks and hay bales are featured on one window, pumpkins and fall foliage on the next. (I can’t wait for winter which will bring with it snowmen, snowflakes, candles, and Christmas!) All of these paintings really encourage shoppers to celebrate the beauty of the changing seasons!

Upon witnessing these fun window paintings, I personally could not restrain myself from painting my own apartment door. So, here are some pictures of the seasonal painting fun at my husband’s and my place. Enjoy the season!

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