The Villa Lante Landscape

DSC05393When looking for inspiration, my favorite historic garden is Villa Lante in Tuscany.

The villa and garden were built in the mid 1500’s for Cardinal Gambara and designed by Vignola and fountain designer, Tommaso Ghinucci.

What I like about it is the scale, and the way the garden DSC05405progresses from a wild and natural hunting bosque to a formal geometric garden. This progression from rough and natural landscape to highly ordered garden still applies to spaces we design today, where people seek a range of outdoor experiences and contemplate man and nature. The pavilions feature colorful murals with elaborate symbols honoring key renaissance families. This garden provides a strong historic reference when designing larger private residences, parks, and campus spaces. Compared to other renaissance gardens, this one is relatively small which adds to its charm.

Do you have a favorite landscape that inspires you for your current projects, either historic or contemporary?

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