The New Panorama

Most of us have taken photos of spectacular and dramatic places only to find when showing the photo to friends, that we must apologize for the flat photo with “you had to be there”.

Technology is now available to create an image that actually feels like you are in the space.

A VR Photo sometimes called Immersive Photography, can be defined as a panoramic image (larger than 180 degree horizontal) displayed in a viewer which let you interactively pan around and look at it in different directions. The image also changes perspective so that you actually get the feeling of looking around. Software is available to turn ordinary photos into these “Spherical Panoramas.”

Here are some examples:

Sulphur Creek

The largest spherical panorama (supposedly)

Panoguide is a website that aims to provide a free central resource of information and discussion about panoramic photography.  This link shows locations on a map of some panoramas taken across the world.  This is another tool which could be very useful for landscape architects.


  1. The Prague panoramic is incredible. You can actually zoom in far enough to see people touring the castle grounds, a location distant from the tower – look to the right of the large open hill that appears on the right-hand side of the opening image. Very cool.

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