The Designer’s Man Cave

Rooted in prehistoric man, “man caves” are back as the newest trend in home remodeling and design.  The man cave, or mantuary, is a place where men can have a comfortable, solitary place to unwind from the day and to play or engage in hobbies.  It also acts as a place to socialize; watch games on television, play pool, or video games.  Man cave provisions may include wetbars, kegerators, large screen tvs and entertainment centers, and are themed for the man’s interest – sports, music, or vintage memorabilia.  It generally is a place where men can have a place created without feminine touches or input on the design.

The man cave trend has inspired websites and blogs devoted to this subject and the DIY Network has a weekly show on which they create a man cave and offer tips on creating your own mantuary.  Some of these man caves are too refined for my taste but each man has his own vision for his ideal space.

Bob’s Man Cave n. A dedicated area out of the house, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.

My man cave is in an unattached studio behind the house.  I have populated my man cave with tools, vintage furniture, and Denver Bronco memorabilia including orange stadium seats taken from the former Mile High stadium.  Retro cowboy curtains keep the elements out.   While out hunting recently, I scored – a vintage Eames-style leather chair and ottoman and a Danish lamp. The wall paintings include western art knickknacks.  My man cave gives me the opportunity to behave like a wild man, unleashing my creativity while living outside of civilization.  Just outside my man cave are horseshoe pits, where along with the daily ritual of cultivated liquid refreshments (a glass of Spanish Tempranillo wine or Bordeaux), I am able to reconnect with that prehistoric need to stake one’s claim and tinker at will.


  1. This is great! Awesome post Bob- its great to have a place where you can just be yourself and cultivate the primal creative spirit.

  2. Why do man caves also tend to end up being storage as well? My man cave is slowly becoming my dream ski and bike shop. Now I just have to find a place for the leather chair and get rid of all those roughneck tupperwares. Tinker away!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud while sitting at my desk, and yes I’m showing my age as I still write out laugh out loud rather than use the more popular abbreviations. I learned something new today – mantuary – I have to admit that I’d never heard that word before. This looks awfully neat for a man cave – I would have imagined more clutter. But the cooler by the door seemed perfect and it’s located right next to the drill. As one who lives in a house full of men, I know that my boys would gravitate toward the leather chair and they’d appreciate the Bronco paraphernalia.

  4. My female equivalent of this is my master bathroom. Walker gets one drawer, while I have products and accessories overflowing all other cabinents and horizontal surfaces.

  5. NICE! I like your style. In our small home we refer to my office/extra bed room/gear storage/storage room as just “the cave”. I don’t think I can call it a mantuary because it’s not really a place to escape, too much school work to be done in here. But I do dream of someday having my own mantuary, thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Have you ever thought of adding some videos to your posts to keep the readers more entertained? I just read through the post and it was good…thanks for sharing

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