The Bregenz Festival

You never know what you are going to find when you are doing research for your park projects.

In my research, I discovered the Bregenz Festival and its venue. The festival began in 1946 staged on two barges on Lake Constance in Austria.  The festival occurs annually at its incredible venue. It seats 7,000 people and includes a stage that becomes its own unique sculptural element.  The stage is reconstructed every two years with a new design theme.  The popular opera and theater performances run during the months of July and August and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  About 30 years ago the set design for The Magic Flute took the stage design to a new level; one which designers continue to aspire. The surrounding lake is incorporated into the performances as part of the stage.

This is a definite item on my bucket list.  This concept is what we strive for as designers of the land; the combination of art, landscape, culture, water, and a focal point in a changing environment. We aim to create places where people are brought together to collectively experience these phenomena.

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