Tadisms: the first of many…

Friend and colleague, Tad Savinar is a Portland-based artist, playwright, and urban planner. His visual masterpieces are like a splash of cold water to the face…and then, compassionately, he hands us a towel.  His intent is to wake us up and encourage us to take part in conversations larger than ourselves:

“I am interested in creating a dialogue between my work and the viewer. Not a one-way diatribe, but a genuine back and forth conversation. In order to achieve this I use the tool of visual beauty to bring the viewer closer, language to engage them, content that is relevant to their lives, and irony to soften the blow.”
Development, 2006
bass wood
57.5″ x 24″ x 24″

Images courtesy of PDX Contemporary Art


  1. What is Tad’s (Mr. Savinar’s) comment with this piece? I went to his site; his work is very interesting. Do all architects want everyone to know what they’ve designed? Has architecture become selfish when it’s supposed to be about the user/special population of the space? Dave, as a friend of Tad Savinar, how does he feel about architecture? I’m curious! Thanks.

    • Maybe we will hear from Tad – who knows – he likes suspense. I’m glad you went to his site. He is good. You ask some loaded questions. I don’t feel that I should answer for Tad about architecture. I can say that Tad has many close friends who are architects and he often works in collaboration with architects, developers, designers, planners, engineers, artists and even landscape architects. It is interesting that your questions focused on architects and not developers. Do you feel that architects have more responsibility to the user than the developer/owner does?

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