Street Art

Walking the Cerro Alegre, a hill named for its gardens in Valparaiso, Chile, I encountered some impressive graffiti.  Of course, graffiti has the potential to be an ugly, destructive act, but this graffiti was art.  I was delighted by the creativity and talent that I saw in these works. Some of the photos: [nggallery id=36]

I want change by MEEK
I Want Change by MEEK . photo by Jake Smallman . 2004

In recent years, street art has become a popular way for people to express beauty, political views, and humor without having to struggle for elbow room in elite galleries.  Using the urban landscape as a canvas has enhanced the messages of these artists, through the unexpected and sometimes ironic physical context of their creations.

Up and coming graffiti artists to look out for:

Tristan Manco Stencil Graffiti

MEEK (melbourne)

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  1. I saw an interesting movie in the theater last week called “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The movie was somewhat of a documentary that tells the story of the evolution of street art/urban art and the some of the artists that are considered part of the “scene” (Banksy…) as it is known today. There is some contraversy as to whether or not parts of the movie are fictional, although most of the story appears to be true. If this is a subject that interests you, I highly recommend checking it out!

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