Spiral Jetty


“Spiral Jetty”, an environmental art piece created in 1970 by Robert Smithson, is a large spiral of black basalt rock that juts out into the Great Salt Lake in rural Utah. Most environmental art is susceptible to the outdoor elements and “Spiral Jetty” remained underwater for several decades as the water level rose. Now that the water level is lowering due to drought, the art piece is once again visible, but not in its original condition.

This is an interesting article about how the Dia Art Foundation (who owns the artwork) is trying to document the “Spiral Jetty” in an effort to learn how it is now changing through time and if there should be any future interventions.[nggallery id=28]


  1. ok…so, someone told me this was underwater as of today (18June11). Anyone out there drive there recently… can we get there on our 4wd suzuki? I’m not worried about unpaved roads, but am concerned about driving on sharp rocks, etc.

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