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exterior mainSome works of architecture exist primarily for function; serving a purpose but leaving little to entice the imagination.  Some are intended to be expressive of the nature of its use (Sydney’s Opera House and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao come to mind).  And some exist for the sole purpose of delighting the senses and highlighting craftsmanship.  David Rasmussen, a local artist and designer, has provided us with several superb examples of that last category.  David has designed and built a number of treehouses across the country.  Not treehouses in the sense of the ramshackle wonders of childhood enterprise – built with scraps of two-by-fours, a coffee can of 10-penny nails, and a summer free of obligation – but artful structures exhibiting a high level of skilled craftsmanship and detail.  Several of these treehouses were built to be accessible to children of all ages and abilities, one as a private and quiet gathering place on the banks of a local river.  David spends his time working in his studio, creating sculpture and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, and in the office of Green Line Architects where he designs custom details for their award-winning buildings.

Check out David’s web site or his blog for some works in progress and many more images and projects.

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  1. Cool tree house! Another intriguing fact is that this tree house is powered by a pole mounted grid-tied solar electric system. I was able to tour this tree house during the construction of the solar array and it is a very unique feeling to be in this space. The creativity in craftsmanship is very inspiring. A lot of the beauty is in the details like the non-traditional floor joists. It’s a very nurturing and artistic structure.

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