snow day

charlie and computerOh glorious snow days. They make you feel like a kid again…giddy with the prospect of so much snow, so many possibilites.  Today on my way to work, people were actually giggling and whooping as they invented ways to extract their cars from snow banks.  People who won’t even look me in the eye on a typical day were laughing and smiling and saying good morning.  Snow is a miracle to me.  A clean white blanket of snow wipes the muck of our lives away.  It shifts our perspective, brings us to attention-to the present- because we are no longer walking or driving the same path that we travel every day of every year.  Instead we are skiing or pushing our bikes and clambering over giant banks of snow.  All bets are off on a snow day:  No meetings will be on time, not quite as much work will be done, absent-minded multitasking will take a back seat to accomplishing the simple task of getting safely from A to B.  On a snow day, it is possible to see the world with the fresh eyes of a child: less planning, less worry…more wonder, more presence, more play.[nggallery id=31]


  1. Teenage boys feel like the economic recession is ruining their lives; at least that’s how my teenage boys feel. At this time of year, they relate that to fewer presents under the Christmas tree. Last night my 15 year old said that I could give him a snow day for Christmas – cost for the day $0; frolicking in the snow instead of sitting in class “priceless”. Thank you universe for providing; I am now a hero for the day and the boys are drinking hot chocolate and enjoying their “free” day.

  2. Same conditions here in Durango, gotta love kids skiing down your street in the middle of Town!

  3. A few years ago during the winter that it seemed to snow several feet every weekend, it was great fun to sit by my window (many snow days with no work or school that winter) and watch people attempt to drive down the block and instead get stuck. Everyone would then run out of their house or jump out of their car and pitch in to push or dig them out. Snow has the ability to bring out the best in us.

  4. Thanks for sharing Bailey (love your snowflake embellishments)!
    I agree – the power of snow is miraculous! This morning as I waited for my bus I witnessed folks offering helping hands to strangers as they attempted to cross the waist high snow heap in the middle of the road. It was a beautiful morning – a morning where kindness prevailed and for a series of moments time stood still.

  5. So well written…I felt like I was there. The pictures added so much…and the dog! So precious…so carefree…carrying the innocence of youth and dog frolicking in the wonderment of the glory. Enjoy…I did…and please write again soon.

  6. That dog is Louie and he comes to work everyday with Dave. He loves the snow, dog biscuits, and the mail woman (who always has a pocket full of treats).

  7. I concur!!! I look out the windows spanning floor to ceiling here in denver and feel like I am in
    a giant snow globe… the snow definitely has some enchanting qualities!
    Thanks for the post Baily…

  8. Thank you, Bailey for the joyful contribution. There is nothing better than to watch
    the beautiful flakes fall with their twinkling unique shapes. Yes, permission to have
    those childlike feelings again.

  9. Fantastic Bailey! One thing I would add… quiet. Nothing greater than Mother Nature’s insulation.

  10. We got a couple feet with 3-4′ drifts. My shoulders are a little sore today from shoveling. The kids get so excited about the snow… they forget about being cold. They were actually a little bummed this morning when they woke up and the sun was out. I reassured them that is was cold enough that it was not going to melt any time soon. They were already asking “When is it going to snow again?!”

  11. Right on Bailey. It was difficult to sit inside yesterday but it was comforting to think that everyone and everything was equalized by something larger, at least for a while. Whew, I covered that firewood just in time. Ski the alley!

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