See America

original see america posters75 years ago, the WPA commissioned a series of posters, called “See America”, to encourage travel to the National Parks and simultaneously put artists to work.  From 1935-1943, various artists created this iconic series of imagery that remains popular today.  The bold, flat renderings and a clear separation of foreground, middle ground, and background are hallmarks of these vintage posters.

In partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association, The Creative Action Network is helping to revitalize interest in these posters and our National Parks.

new see america postersThey have just launched a new See America Project, with a modern twist.  CAN is crowdsourcing new poster submissions from artists for the National Parks as well as other cultural and historical sites in America.  Much of the work is directly inspired by the New Deal Arts Project but others are breaking tradition and venturing in unexpected directions.

Check out the new generation of See America Posters and get inspired to get out there and explore our National Parks…. or submit a poster of your own!


  1. I’ve always loved the iconic “See America” images from the 30’s but these new posters are really fun and fresh! I think it’s a great idea that CAN is soliciting artwork to help illustrate some of the lesser known landmarks and historic sites. There are literally hundreds of parks and other landmarks that are deserving of beautiful artwork!

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