Reclaiming the Salina Turda strive to make places multi-functional in today’s space-restricted world. The Salina Turda Salt Mine in Turda, Transylvania is a place that has succeeded in transforming an abandoned salt mine into a world renowned museum and underground amusement park.

The museum itself is located inside the mine and features the historic equipment, structures, and tunnels that were used for salt mining for over 200 years (from 1690 until 1932). However, the underground amusement park that has been constructed at the base of the mine is the primary tourist attraction. The amusement park includes a 65 foot tall Ferris Wheel, miniature golf, bowling, table tennis, a pool table, a soccer field, an amphitheater, and boating on the underground lake. The mine, which reaches a depth of 400 feet has attracted over two million visitors since its opening in 1992 and is now the largest attraction to people visiting the town of Turda in Transylvania. The salt mine is also currently listed as number 22 on Business Insider’s “unbelievable travel destinations in the world.”

Click here for a good virtual tour of this incredible site.



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  1. WOW!!! I am totally blown away by those pictures. What an awesome place…and scary! Thanks so much Cammie, for sharing your incredible pictures, and the history of the salt mine.

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