PreFab. The word conjures images of… well, anything boring and bland and cheap.  But in February, Ann introduced us to some of the great prefab options available from Lake Flato Architects, Devin Cannady, and Tumbleweed Houses.  Today we’re going to take you into the realm of modern prefab structures.

The first comes from Alchemy Architects, based in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Their weeHouse is available in a variety of combinations, allowing you to create anything from a one room addition to an entire 2,200 square foot house.  Other options include wheelchair accessibility and upgrades for net zero energy use.

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IC Green Inc, creates structures from recycled shipping containers.  Able to create 320 square foot pool-side cabanas, sprawling residences, or multi-storied structures…it seems that the shipping container might just be the perfect building block.

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A low tech and low impact solution to the guest house (these are not necessarily prefab but they are mobile)….Rolling Huts is designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects, a firm located in Seattle, Washington.

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And in case you haven’t had enough…this is a website dedicated entirely to prefab architecture…fabprefab!


  1. You may be interested in taking a look at my new book which was just released this week – refabulous + Sustainable: Building and Customizing an Affordable, Energy Efficient Home. Most of the landscapes surrounding the houses are environmentally friendly.

  2. The creativity used in prefabs is so impressive. I really enjoyed seeing how far the
    prefab industry has come. It opens up some great options.

  3. Charlie, thanks for the post. The range of pre-fab is pretty amazing. Compact, easy on the land, and most of the times affordable. Also,I stumbled across this several months ago about Clayton, a mobile home manufacturer has come out with this product line….pretty cool for their version of pre-fab. Looks like there are several sprinkled across the country – one in Denver at 3455 W Service Rd, Evans, CO 80620-1515 (Clayton Homes of Evans).

  4. The April 2010 issue of Dwell is also about Pre-Fab. There is a lot of innovative work going on right now. I like the adaptive reuse of the shipping containers. I think everyone should try to explore how we can reuse structure/materials…

  5. I broused through Sheri Koones book, very inspiring. I like the use of denim insulation and the cottage style homes.

  6. While I think that the standard home can be built stick built using local materials and labor at a price matching or better than prefab, I’m really interested in the ability to move them, reconfigure, and expand modules, as well as the green aspects of the way they are produced (as long as shipping doesn’t offset that).

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