PREFAB: Modular solutions to unique building challenges

A long way from the classic doublewide, contemporary prefab structures provide an efficient production process, minimize impacts to site surroundings and allow relocation and reuse.

This structure is a fully demountable, portable racquetball court designed as a kit-of-parts that can be assembled at any venue. The court will travel the United States for the Professional Racquetball Tour and eventually travel internationally for various World Federation events. The designer is Devin Cannady of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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These student cabins are for visitors to the Crow Canyon archeological center. Lake Flato Architects designed the cabins to sleep 24 people each with bunk beds and an efficient plan that is mirrored in three dimensions. The cabins can be installed onto simple piers using a crane and assembled on-site within a matter of days with minimal impact on the land.

Tumbleweed Houses have tiny homes for sale along with do-it-yourself kits and workshops. Sizes range from 65 to 837 square feet. They promote simple living and efficient use of space.  A fun product simplifying homebuilding and promoting the virtues of small.

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