Plant Profile : Narcissus

Aaaah Spring. The light lingers longer and so do we…outside, peering curiously at our gardens to see the first signs of life emerging.  Soft catkins dangle from the cottonwood trees and a few timid hyacinth bloom low to the ground, lest they lose a limb to our spring snows.  Any day now, I expect to see a daffodil…the true herald of spring in my mind.

The daffodil (Narcissus genus) came from humble beginnings.  Growing in the dappled shade of an ancient woodland in Devonshire, the wild daffodil followed the glory-seeking path of the Tulip.  It caught the fancy of botanical tinkerers, was transformed through many patient decades, and can now be found all over the world in cultivated and wild scenarios from Western Asia to Europe…prolific in the form of 30,000 different hybrids.


Someone managed to classify those 30,000 hybrids into a mere 8 groupings.   Lovely.  I know that daffodils are overdone, but I just can’t stop loving them.  Have you really given this hardy little perennial, this world traveler the chance it deserves?  Sometimes it is the old standbys that offer us the most unexpected surprises.  Take a gander…and let me know if you plan to include daffodils in your bulb planting plans next fall. Enjoy:)


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  1. I love them too and your post taught me a few things…..loved it!

  2. I don’t have any daffodils in my garden, but they are longingly admired when I happen upon them in someone else’s garden. Thanks for the history.

  3. P.S. Things from “humble beginnings” are often the most precious.

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