Pedaling into Spring

The grass is getting green, the buds are coming out, and the weather forecast calls for sun, showers, and a 20% chance of snow every day of the week, even on sunny days. Must be Spring in Colorado! It’s time to dust off the commuter bike and ride to work. Come this time of year, the bike rack outside of the DHM office is increasingly difficult to squeeze another bike into.

With pedaling on the mind, I’ve come across a number of interesting videos related to the challenges of biking in a city. Bikers in Denver contend with vehicles and riding on poorly lit roads on dark summer nights after an outing at the local brewery. I think every avid bike commuter should carry a can of Life Paint, wear a helmet they can fold and stash in their bag, or try out an invisible bike helmet. Invisible? Yep!

Also thrown into the video mix are a couple of clips showing international cities that know how to treat cyclists right!   Biking in Copenhagen is a way of life and the city has created biking infrastructure that really makes it easier to ride a bike than to drive a car. I studied abroad in Copenhagen while in Grad school, and I was on my bike typically 2 hours a day or more. It was a wonderful way to get around the city, and it was so easy because there are lanes dedicated to bikes, separate from vehicular traffic. Also, check out the bike escalator in Norway, which is pure genius for getting up steep grades without making the quads burn. Last but not least is a bike storage solution in Tokyo that gets bikes off the busy streets, and insures your snazzy ride never gets stolen!


If you want to know more about biking in Denver, visit BikeDenver and find out about Denver Bike Week or download a city bike map for free. For more biking inspiration check out the links below!

Happy biking!

Life Paint

Invisible bike helmet

Folding Bike Helmet

Bike Culture in Copenhagen, Denmark

Bicycle escalator in Norway

Bicycle garage in Japan

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