Paper Buildings

Shigeru LaughsJapanese architect Shigeru Ban designs for the masses. From Turkey to Sri Lanka he has embraced the challenges oftight budgets, limited materials, and adverse conditions to create viable and comfortable temporary shelters for disaster victims.  I attended his lecture a few weeks ago at the Aspen Ideas Festival and he was incredible!

Ban has a unique perspective on contemporary architecture.  Blending his Japanese upbringing and western education, his is an aesthetic of visual and physical transparency.  He achieves a clear connection between interior and exterior spaces with his innovative use of unexpected materials: paper tubes, shipping containers, large cloth curtains, and recycled fiberglass. In his exploration for low-cost, sustainable building materials, he has redefined architecture in light of environmental and social concerns and has expanded our traditional understanding of temporary and permanent structures.

I was most impressed by Shigeru Ban’s attitude.  He is successful because he does not take anything for granted- he has an ability to question traditional methods and to observe situations from a fresh perspective. To think and work and create outside of expectations has allowed him to push architecture above and beyond its’ perceived limits.

[nggallery id=9] Above are images (courtesy Shigeru Ban’s website) that depict conceptual designs for his upcoming work in our home state of Colorado!

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  1. Amazing. Indeed my favorite designer is one who folds and gives their title to a client or situation-such as Shigeru Ban. Selfless and honest design is much more fulfilling than a sketch that reflects a single ego.

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