Nicole Dextras: Environmental Artist

Talk about changing your wardrobe with the seasons…

Nicole Dextras is a visual artist based in Vancouver, BC.  Along with photography, book arts, and paper casting, she explores the ephemeral beauty of environmental art.  Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, she has found her own intriguing style in beautiful compositions of  swirling garments frozen in blocks of ice and delicate hand-stitched gowns of kale, yucca and other plants.

There’s something authentic about art that isn’t meant to last. It’s the same thing for me when I play music – it changes depending on the room, the temperature, the audience and whatever magical thing makes a performance either forgettable or fantastic. Nicole reminds us that the beauty of creativity is not in its permanence, but the fact that it exists at all.

If you would like to see more of Nicole’s gorgeous work, check out her website.

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  1. Very fashionable yet compostable (is that a word?) at the same time. Well done!

  2. Art, the blossom of a flower, music, the wet footprint of a child on the sidewalk…simply for the sake of sharing the creation. I loved your comment “There’s something authentic about art that isn’t meant to last.” I live for those brief moments in time filled with magic. Their impermanence is part of the magic! The blossoms drop…and the note fades. Simple beauty…

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