My Back Yard – Roxborough State Park

Whenever someone asks where I live and I tell them Roxborough, it seems that almost everyone has never heard of it before. It amazes me how many people don’t know of this treasure of a town, and the State park it’s named after.  Everyone should visit Roxborough State Park at some point, it is one of the most amazing places in Colorado.


Roxborough State Park is a 4000-acre park with beautiful wildflowers in the spring, towering red-rock formations, and a large variety of wildlife. I almost always see mule deer when I visit. I haven’t seen any bears yet but they are around, and sometimes wander into town and into people’s back yards. 


The park is a little over 20 miles south of Denver, and hosts a variety of trails for all levels of hiking experience.  There is the Fountain Valley Overlook trail that is only a quick half mile and is an easy trail to take in beautiful vistas of the red-rock formations.  The Fountain Valley Trail is the most popular trail at the park.  This 2.3 mile trail is also a nice easy trail, which loops around, taking you through meadows and even right along the base of some red-rock towers.  The Lyons Overlook Trail, south Rim Trail and Willow Creek Trail (my favorite) are three mid-level trails that take you through riparian habitats, wildflowers, through scrub oak, and up to beautiful views of the entire area.  The final trail, Carpenter Peak is a 6.4 mile trail that’s moderate difficulty that has some steep terrain, but takes you to the highest point in the park and has the most spectacular views in all directions.


In addition to trails, the park has a wonderful visitor’s center that hosts many events, a book store, many interpretive displays and an auditorium.

I highly recommend a trip town to Roxborough State Park, spend a few hours with friends and family in this very unique place that you can’t find anywhere else, I promise you’ll love it!

 To see more photos and read more about Roxborough, click here!



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