Medical Mile

overview webLast fall I had the opportunity to experience the “Medical Mile” in Little Rock ,Arkansas.  The “Medical Mile” is a multi-use trail that includes playgrounds, sprayground, picnic areas, sculptures and a 1300 foot 3-dimensional mural wall with a “message of health and fitness”.  The idea behind the trail and mural was to increase awareness of health and wellness and to inspire nutrition and exercise.  Colorful mosaic tiles, sheet metal images, lighting and architectural treatments are creatively used to communicate messages and inspire the public.

The trail is part of the beautiful linear greenway that stretches 14 miles along the Arkansas River.  If you’re in Little Rock, rent a bike and spend the afternoon on the greenway.  It’s an easy ride that travels through hardwood deciduous forests along the river’s edge. The project was a collaboration of many people that included the National Park Service Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, Little Lock Parks and Recreation, and Heart Clinic Arkansas.

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  1. This project is nicely educational and artsy in addition to helping provide a chance for recreation and commuting.

  2. Do they have any access down to the water so people can interact with the river?

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