Mapping Patterns and Structure within Dance

This image highlights basic moves that are repeated through the piece.

In a collaboration between choreographer William Forsythe and Ohio State University’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design a web tool was developed that analyzes a fifteen minute dance with a variety of interactive tools. The dance: One Flat Thing, Reproduced, occurs within a grid of 20 tables and is filmed in plan view and eye level, then digitally mapped to explore the complexities and patterns.

Within the website, Synchronous Objects, the many systems that construct the dance are revealed in creative ways that themselves become unique visual expressions.  The tools can be downloaded and manipulated individually to set into motion new patterns and forms.

You may have to download and install Adobe 10 to view and utilize this website.  It only takes a minute and it is worth it.  This tool is truly cutting edge, and the possibilities of it’s uses in relation to Landscape Architecture (and many other areas) are endless.  Just one idea…I would like to use this tool to analyze how people use designed space.[nggallery id=47]


  1. Very cool project! This reminds me of a high tech version of Halprin’s book “RSVP Cycles” where he scores choreography and movements through the landscapes, very similar.

    Ideas are popping into my head about how I can use this on my thesis project. I am doing a study about trail patterns and movement through open space… good possibilities…

  2. Isn’t this kinda what Halprin was doing with his RSVP cycles, etc?

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