Maggie Daley Park


The talk of the ASLA conference in Chicago this year was the new Maggie Daley Park, a new park designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. The park is located in what was known as north Grant Park, and is directly east of Millennium Park. The 20 acre park is built on top of an existing parking structure, which made the construction challenging. The designers created a rolling topography to block the wind coming off the Lake. To create the landforms, foam blocks were used to reduce the weight on top of the parking garage. The play structures had to be placed strategically to align with the structural columns below in the garage. The playground has multiple custom elements that reflect the culture and history of Chicago, including boats, lighthouses, and industrial inspired towers.

Multiple Honey locust trees were removed to construct the Park. The trees were taken off site, dried, and reintroduced in the Park in a sculptural form within the Enchanted Forest.  Another unique element of the park is the ¼ mile long ice skating ribbon that winds through the park and has a sloping ice surface and glow at night in the winter.

To check out more information about this Park visit: Maggie Daley Park

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