Living Lands

Amphibians, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, birds, and mammals all have unique habitats.  Critters are found everywhere; in parks, urban environments and in our backyards.  Understanding how they live, survive, explore and experience their habitat can inform our understanding of ecosystems, biodiversity and sustainability within their environments and introspectively give us inspiration within our own lives and designs.

I recently attended the CPW Partners in the Outdoors Conference on Building Healthy Communities. It made me pause and reflect on how powerful of an impact our actions can have on pristine wildlife habitats.  Key note speaker Chad Pregracke spoke about his experience cleaning up the Mississippi River one day at a time.


His summers spent working along the river shed light on an unfortunate theme; numerous areas of the river banks were filled with debris, trash and barrels, similar in character and appearance of dump sites.  One day at a time he shared the river’s health concerns with local citizens and businesses.  Starting from scratch with no budget, no plan, no staff, no sponsors, Living Lands and Waters has morphed into a multi-million dollar nonprofit business with a custom made sustainable barge to help bring health to our nations rivers, the waters we depend on for transporting goods, the waters we recreate in, and the waters that critters inhabit.

We won’t all have this journey, but I believe we can all make a difference by making conscious decisions to protect and preserve the landscapes we live in, visit and explore.

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