Large Landscape Conservation

6681651603_21f29cc402_bThe idea of  “Large Landscape Conservation” is relatively new…and a bit fuzzy.

Years of conservation work and research have told us that the scale and complexity of impacts on the ecological integrity of the American West (or anywhere else for that matter) are often too overwhelming for any single group to address.  Large scale impacts, such as habitat fragmentation and watershed deterioration, pay no heed to political or governmental boundaries, making it difficult to gain consensus and support for the actions that are needed to address these challenges.

The growing consensus is that the scale of these ecological challenges requires a new approach… a new organizational strategy that focuses on creating connections between stakeholders.  There are several organizations that have stepped in to fill this niche, that work to connect, facilitate, and catalyze people and organizations with diverse interests who share a common place.  Trans-boundary collaboration on conservation initiatives has it’s own share of difficulties to be navigated, but this approach is promising.  If our challenges cross borders, then so must we.

If you would like to learn more about Large Landscape Conservation, the Colorado College is streaming a presentation by conservation biologist, Michael Soule this Tuesday (April 8) from 7-830pm. 

You can live stream it here:


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