Kevin W. Shaffer

Colorado at 135

I recently started at DHM as the new 3D Designer in the Denver office. I wanted to use my blog post to share the work of my very talented friend Kevin W. Shaffer.

Kevin was born and raised on a horse ranch in a mid-western landscape of tall grass prairie and oak savanna. In this place in the heartland, a work-hard, play-hard ethic was ingrained and the ever-present prairie inspired Kevin’s development to eventually study architecture, land planning, landscape architecture, horticulture, and sculpture. Kevin has been exploring how sculpture can reveal the beauty and importance of native grasses. Kevin’s installations support creating settings that combine art and ecology as part of highlighting our interdependence as part of larger ecological systems.

“For the creation of artwork, design of landscape, a building, a piece of furniture, anything…extracting the context is what inspires my creative process.” states Kevin. The years of experience and progression in design thought has influenced Kevin’s art and design career to seek a minimalist approach; honest in the details with naturally rich materials. Kevin prefers to join art, media and sustainably-built environments in a way that creates environmental awareness and reduces maintenance and over-management. Kevin’s interest in creating a dialogue between ecology and human culture in a way that geomorphology can produce a construction detail. What we learn from the un-built environment is the future of our built world.

Kevin’s design process is a product of project specifics. A common question at the beginning of any project would be, “What is found in the meaning of the context extracted from site specific research?” The research of history and region, responsibilities towards the environment, local culture, and functionality versus aesthetics.

Native Grass Series of Sculptures (Above)

Every piece in this series is an oversized abstracted steel sculpture inspired by native grasses to the regions of Colorado.  The health, safety, and welfare of the public are a priority for all of my displayed artwork so I run my own bare hand over every face, edge, and corner.  A unique viewpoint dichotomy is interactive while viewing this Series; from afar the sculptures celebrate something plant-like; something organic and thriving, and upon closer observation the details reveal a more familiar human vernacular.

To contact Kevin to learn more, please find his contact information below:

Kevin W. Shaffer

PO Box 1235, Leadville, Colorado 80461



  1. Brilliant! Delicate yet extremely powerful. We are fortunate to be living with a landscape designed by Kevin W. Shaffer. It was nice to read this blog and revisit his philosophy – thank you Kevin!

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