It IS all fun and games..:-)

night gamesWhile researching for another project, I stumbled upon this great idea for public spaces at night.  A project created by KMA, where colorful lights activate dark spaces in the city, creating both beautiful imagery and gathering areas for people to watch and participate in interactive games. Projected lights and thermal imaging technology create interactive courts in which human movement triggers light effects. What a great focal point for people to gather around in an urban environment. Last month, three UK cities held the first high-tech athletic tournaments using KMA’s technology in public spaces. This would be fantastic for some of Denver’s urban spaces and parks.

KMA is a collaboration of media artists in the UK whose work focuses on illumination and developing interaction between people and public spaces using projected light. See for more details.


  1. Bill this is electrifying- what a great way to activate an urban space! Interactive lighting that responds to human movement- very cool! The potential for enhancing the urban experience and uniting people on a whole new level is really remarkable.

  2. This is amazing! Such a wonderful idea to engage the public and display gorgeous lighting in a dark corridor. This would be cool to interact with. What a cool way to turn a dark drab streetscape into a vibrant and lively place.

  3. What a happy, colorful way to start 2010. Great contribution, Bill… spirits lifted

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