Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

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Harbin, China:  Northeast Heilongjiang Province

This past summer I made the mistake of going to Harbin, China to look at a potential development site and meet with the owners.  Not that going to Harbin, or talking about this particular project was a mistake, the problem was that I was there in the summer and Harbin is rightfully known for their annual Ice and Snow Festival.  Returning to Harbin for this festival is now on my “bucket list” for must see events.  The festival started on January 5 and runs for one month.  The quality of the ice and snow carving is excellent, but the scale of the carvings is what really puts this event over the top.  Enjoy:

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For more information and images, visit R Todd King’s website.  He has visited Harbin 4 times since 2003 and shares his fantastic photography, facts and comments on the festival.


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