Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

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I was lucky enough to travel to Berlin at the beginning of November and was in awe of the amazing Holocaust Memorial designed by New York City architect Peter Eisenman.  It consists of 2,711 concrete slabs that cover an entire City block.  The blocks are 7.8′ long x 3′ 1.5″ wide and vary in height from 8″ to 15’9″.  As you stand on the street and look over the memorial the blocks seem to be approximately the same height but as you start walking into the memorial the ground begins to roll and the height of the blocks begin to vary.  At certain points the blocks tower 10’ above you.  In the center you feel as though you are lost in concrete but as you start moving towards the edge you start to see the street and surrounding buildings a bit before it drops in grade again.  It artistically depicts the darkness of the holocaust through the form and the ground plane.  It is one of the most powerful memorials I have ever experienced.[nggallery id=32]


  1. Interesting project. It evokes a lot of different imagery and emotions through the use of a very simple material. From one angle it reminds me of a cemetery in New Orleans.

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us Katie. It certainly reflects the rawness and total dispair of those who suffered unspeakable terror in a time of total darkness in the history of the world.

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