Gravitate Towards Bliss

“Gravitate towards bliss,” is a quote that I read in college that has always stuck with me. As a landscape designer, I, like most, find my bliss in the outdoors. As an extreme sports enthusiast, I find my bliss at the lake.


Wake surfing is a young sport that is gaining popularity each year among boaters. Wake surfing is basically surfing on the lake, except a boat instead of nature generates the wave. I first started wake surfing in college at Horsetooth Reservoir and immediately fell in love with it. Since then more and more people are starting to get hooked too.


Wake surfing has inspired my vacations in the past few years, travelling to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. As a landscape designer, being able to pursue a passion with an incredible backdrop like Lake Powell or Lake of the Ozarks is pure bliss. Each time I go somewhere, even if I have been there 1000 times, it is always a different experience. For me, wake surfing is just another reason to travel the world.


Spending the majority of my free time snowmobiling, wake surfing or off-roading has allowed me to experience the landscape in a unique way. I value our ecosystems that provide us with these incredible experiences so much more. It has also opened my eyes to the impacts of humans on nature and the issues landscape architecture focuses on improving in each project. These experiences have reiterated how important it is to have a balance of protected ecosystems and designated areas for human use.



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