Get Fused!

Durango has done it again! Another cost effective art activity has taken rise in the City of Durango, Colorado. Get Fused! is an art glass studio located near Coldstone Creamery and the Balcony Bar and Grill close to the intersection of Main Avenue and East College Drive. In the shop, customers can browse a window gallery with pieces for purchase that were made by local artists; these pieces also offer inspiration for guests to create their own art glass pieces. From coasters to candy dishes to decorative plates to ornamental wall décor to jewelry to holiday decorations, there are innumerable things that can be made at Get Fused!


In order to make a piece, one must first select the size and shape that the glass piece will be; then a store employee will help cut the base. Next, the customer/artist will get a quick tutorial on the glass cutting tools and features available. Afterwards, one can start overlaying the base piece of glass with other pieces—like a mosaic or collage. Each glass art piece can be up to three layers of glass thick—any thicker and the glass will have a higher chance of shattering when it is fired. The piece can have a smooth or bumpy finish depending on what the creator of the piece wants. (Once fired, there are no sharp edges left on the glass, so there is no need to worry about cutting oneself on the finished piece!) Dishes or plates will be set on a mold selected by the creator to conform to a desired shape. Wall hanging pieces will have metal brackets adhered to the back. Lastly, a store employee will fire the piece up to two times and then the piece is ready to go home! See the Get Fused Facebook page for ideas, events, and classes:


Below are some pictures of the pieces that my friends, family, and I have created.

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