Cataratas del Iguazu

Cataratas del Iguazu, Iguazu Falls, sits on the borders of Argentina and Brazil – with the majority of the falls lying on the Argentine side. Made up of roughly 275 falls, Iguazu Falls is taller and twice as wide as Niagara Falls. On her first sight of the tremendous falls, Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed: “Poor Niagara!”

I recently visited the beautiful country of Argentina, and the highlight of my trip was Iguazu Falls – an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.  If you visit just one place in Argentina (or nearby Brazil or Paraguay), this place is a must. It’s difficult to put into words the experience of Iguazu Falls. Its beauty and immensity is overwhelming; its wildlife intriguing.

Iguazu Falls

Upon entering the national park, you take the rain forest train to various parts of the park. The train ride is a peaceful experience, taking you through the quiet rain forest and its lush vegetation.

Visit the upper circuit to take in breath taking views.

Upper Circuit of Iguazu Falls

Visit the lower circuit where footbridges take you into the forest foliage and guide you to spots at the foot of waterfalls.

Lower Circuit of Iguazu Falls

Take a walk along trails to experience all the rain forest wetland has to offer – a wide variety of plant species, coatis, and cai monkeys.

At Iguazu Falls, boat rides are also offered that take you on a ecological tour over the upper falls. Walk a half mile across bridges over the expansive Iguazu River to reach the most popular collection of falls, La Garganta del Diablo – The Devil’s Throat, where you can stare down into the deep abyss and cool off with a constant cloud of refreshing mist.


And lastly, round off your visit with a boat ride to the foot of the falls. An unforgettable experience where you’re guaranteed to have a blast and sure to be completely soaked.

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