A Healthy Dose of Green

As a landscape architect it almost seems hypocritical spending 40 plus hours a week inside, so it seems fitting that myself and others spend the majority of our free time outside. My weekends are consumed with working in my backyard, playing golf, and enjoying eating dinner and drinking beers on the patio.  It’s important to me to have a healthy balance between my professional life and personal life and with Landscape Architecture, nature always seems to be a great fit. Not only do I really enjoy doing outdoor activities and designing spaces, studies have shown that going outside is actually beneficial to your health.

My favorite past time memories are of being outdoors surrounded by nature. Every summer growing up I would go on two vacations: Yellowstone and Grand Lake. Yellowstone was a trip that was filled with fishing, camping, camp fires, hiking, and looking at all the Park has to offer. Grand Lake was a family reunion that including hiking up the East Inlet trail to Adams Falls and relaxing and fishing in the most extensive natural body of water in Colorado. Even growing up I enjoyed being outside in the yard building forts, playing sports and climbing trees.


You can find more reasons than just mine on how going outside makes you happy and healthy here.


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