Large Landscape Conservation

The idea of “Large Landscape Conservation” is relatively new…and a bit fuzzy.

Years of conservation work and research have told us that the scale and complexity of impacts on the ecological integrity of the American West (or anywhere else for that matter) are often too overwhelming for any single group to […]

I am thankful for eTown.

In the days before thanksgiving, my thoughts return to the question that parents and teachers asked in our grade school days (as we labored dutifully over our traced-hand turkeys): What are you thankful for? SO much, I can’t even begin to make the list… truly. But at this very instant, I am most […]

Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass

I just learned that the USDA has recently paved the way for the sale of Scotts Miracle Gro “Roundup Ready” Kentucky Bluegrass by deciding it didn’t need to be regulated. This 21st century frankengrass is a genetically modified strain of Kentucky Blue that enjoys a good Roundup shower just as much as one […]

Emily Silver Landscape Interpretations

Emily Silver experiences a landscape, both systematically and emotionally, and then interprets and transforms her experiences into paintings.

Her paintings are a reminder that a landscape is not only defined by its tangible measurements of distance and temperature, or inventory of flora and fauna, but also by the intangible and the […]

Wildlife Crossing Design Competition

This past September, the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University and the Woodcock Foundation in New York City initiated the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition. Design teams comprised of ecologists, engineers and landscape architects worked together to address the numerous design challenges involved in creating viable wildlife crossings in North […]